National Seminar on Culture Art Literature and Language (NSoCALL)

UIN sunan gunung djati bandung, 13 november 2019

National Seminar on culture art literature and language (NSoCALL) is a national seminar organized by the department of English literature, the faculty of adab and humanities, UIN Bandung. This event is one of a series of student scientific week events at UIN Bandung.NSoCALL takes a very interesting theme and is close to our daily lives, namely “media studies and digital humanities: challanges and opportunities”.  This event is held in parallel seminar mode, where there are two major events in it namely the national seminar and paper presentation.

The first event was a national seminar with speaker Dr.Lina Meilinawati Rahayu M.Hum from Unpad, and Ardianto Bahtiar M.hum from Balai Bahasa Jawa barat. In this seminar, the two speakers presented academic speeches about the transformation of knowledge and humanities in the digital age.  the importance of being aware of technology is a basic need that must be constantly developed to create increasingly progressive literary and media studies. the first speaker is aridanto bahtiar M.Hum.  in his presentation he is more concerned with how technology can make someone alienated.  according to him for those of us who do not follow technological progress, we will indirectly be alienated.  He took one example from the use of foreign languages ​​to local people, according to him we should be able to appreciate and boast our own language.  so that we can learn a foreign language without releasing the value of our own language.  this is the same as technological advances in the field of ease of communication which makes us lazy to meet each other face to face, even though in meetings too often there are those who feel alienated.

The second speaker, Dr.  lina melianawati rahayu.  in his presentation he tends to how technology has helped us as well as how literacy has accelerated towards technological progress.  literacy learning is now easier because of technology, such as e-books, electric poetry, visualization of fairy tales, even digitalization of old poetry (pantun).  He also said that technology has helped researchers where now we don’t need to visit every library on each campus, just go to the journal or google schoolar site we can find out whether our research has been researched by others or not.

The second agenda is the paper presentation.  There are about 49 papers participating in this event from various campuses such as unpak, uin sgd, unpas and uin jkt.  the participant is a student and lecturer from various majors.  the participants were divided into 13 rooms with each room there were about 4 groups of presenters.  uin Jakarta brought the theme “discrimination in the reluctant fundamentalist novel’s impact to faded of cultural identity”.This theme was taken because the authors felt that the effects of postcolonialism such as discrimination and cultural slackness continued.  the writer implies that in fact we are still colonized consciously but accept it happily.while other presenters present papers with different corpus and focus such as lighting in a film, google translate and others.  In this presentation a question and answer session was held at the end of the presentation.  after the presentation agenda ends participants can take the san goodybag certificate that has been provided.

This event is very useful and much awaited by researchers and writers.  we are able to share knowledge and add new relationships.  So this event is very good for old paper writers or those who have just entered the world of writing a journal.